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MSRP: $104,200.00

Year: 1896

Model: A

Size: Size: 6'2"

Serial: #89489

Color: Ebony


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MSRP $104,200.00

Year 1896

Model A

Size 6’2″

Color Ebony

Serial #89489

The preferred piano amongst pianists for their home or studio.

– John S.

The preferred piano amongst pianists for their home or studio.

– John S.

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Waldesrauschen by F. Liszt - Francesca Khalifa
  • Waldesrauschen by F. Liszt
  • French Suite in G Major Allemande by J.S. Bach
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The Restoration work

Restoration work


New bespoke Sitka spruce soundboard fitted and installed. Bridges recapped with premium quarter-sawn rock maple.


5-ply rock maple pinblock cut, fitted and drilled. Installed with dowels in traditional Steinway style.


Following the Standwood Touchweight Design, each note is individually adjusted for a smooth, consistent and dynamic touch.

The other restoration work

other restoration work

How it Compares to Others

How it
Compares to Others

In its history, Steinway has built three styles of Model As. This instrument–serial number 89489–was built the same year they began the production of the Style 2, making it one of the first ever built. At that time, the Model A was the smallest in their catalog and sold as the piano for the home parlor or small performance spaces. Its use remains the same today and amongst pianists, conductors and composers, it is the preferred instrument for the home or studio.


This piano was rebuilt to preserve its innovative design. Some features include iron-wound bass strings in the tenor which smooth the transition from the plain piano wire to the copper-wound bass strings in the lowest register. A patented cast-iron “bell” attaches the high treble plate directly to the rim for more rigidity and a clearer tone. Specialized Weickert felt hammers were shaped and hung to revive the touch and tone envisioned by its designer. In total, it is a remarkable example of one of Steinway’s greatest designs.

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