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MSRP: $81,000.00

Year: 1919

Model: M

Size: Size: 5’7”

Serial: #198432

Color: Ebony


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MSRP $81,000.00
Year 1919
Model M
Size 5’7”
Color Ebony
Serial #198432
By far, the best piano of this model I have ever played.

– David C.

By far, the best piano of this model I have every played.

– John S.

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The Restoration work

Restoration work

Hybrid Scale

A system designed by visionary rebuilder Stephen Paulello, the diameter and steel type of the strings is recalculated for improved tone, sustain and dynamics.

Bridge Design

Bass bridge caps are redesigned and notched to improve an old, flawed design. Making all bass string lengths equal creates more clarity and resonance.


Traditional nitrocellulose ebony lacquer meticulously applied and buffed to a stunning piano black gloss finish.

The other restoration work

other restoration work

How it Compares to Others

How it
Compares to Others

Steinway’s most ubiquitous and best-selling instrument, the Model M, was introduced in 1911 to fit in the smaller areas of their clients’ homes. It includes all the similar design features of its bigger brother, the Model O, in a cabinet measuring 5’7” and has quickly become a centerpiece in the homes of high-society. Typical examples on these pianos have a full, round tone for their relatively small size.


Our rebuilt piano takes advantage of the design features and continues any further development which ended in 1917. This includes improved action geometry for a more controlled touch, bridge redesign to improve bass clarity, Paulello hybrid stringing, and the highest-quality Weickert hammers felted and pressed in the original style of its manufacture. This makes for a piano with a flawless touch, richer tone and longer sustain seemingly matching that of Steinway’s larger models.

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