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MSRP: $90,300.00

Year: 1910

Model: O

Size: 5'10¾"

Serial: #144767

Color: Ebony


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MSRP $90,300.00

Year 1910

Model O

Size 5’10¾”
Color Ebony

Serial #144767

One of the finest examples of its kind.

– John S.

One of the finest examples of its kind.

– John S.

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Nocturne in C-sharp Minor by F. Chopin - Timothy Nuernberger
  • Nocturne in C-sharp Minor by F. Chopin
  • Frecnch Suite in G major Allemande by J.S. Bach
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The Restoration work

Restoration work


New bespoke Sitka spruce soundboard fitted and installed. Bridges recapped with premium quarter-sawn rock maple.


5-ply rock maple pinblock cut, fitted and drilled. Installed with dowels in traditional Steinway style.


Traditional ebonized finish with a proprietary blend varnish. Polished entirely by hand to a brilliant semi-gloss sheen.

The other restoration work

other restoration work

How it Compares to Others

How it
Compares to Others

This instrument features several upgrades to the correct production model including Paulello hybrid scaling, notched bass bridge to equalize sounding lengths of bass string pairs, metal pitman rods for better pedal control, and  Weickert hammers felted and pressed in the original style of its manufacture. In total, this results in a clearer tone with more sustain and subtlety as well as a mechanism that allows players a greater sense of control.

Introduced by Steinway in 1900, the Model O, at a length of 5’ 10 ¾“ is designed to accommodate the smaller room sizes of people’s homes without compromising its’ sound quality and overall playing experience. Due to a well-engineered scale design, these pianos deliver a rich tonal range that is unanticipated from a piano that is under 6 feet in length. Taken out of production in 1923, Steinway decided to restart manufacturing of the Model O in 2005, a testament to the enduring quality of its’ design. We feel that our 1910 Model O is one of the finest examples of its’ kind.

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